About Livzon

Livzon Pharmaceutical Group Inc., established in January 1985 with registered capital of 953 million yuan, is a comprehensive pharmaceutical group company integrating pharmaceutical R&D, production and sales, with more than 9,000 employees. In 1993, Livzon A and B shares have been listed. In 2014, the company completed the conversion from B shares to H shares, making it one of the few listed pharmaceutical companies with A+H shares in the capital market. In 2018, the company has total assets of 17.4 billion yuan, annual operating revenue of 8.861 billion yuan, net profit of 1.18 billion yuan and R&D investment of 687 million yuan. Livzon is committed to ensuring effective, safe and stable products. The Group's pharmaceutical enterprises have established a sound quality management system. As of 2018, Total 31 production lines of 4 pharmaceutical subsidiaries have passed GMP certification. 28 varieties of 4 API companies have passed GMP certification and other 11 varieties have passed veterinary medicine GMP certification. 15 API varieties have passed the field inspection of international certification and obtained 20 international certification certificates.

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mPhone - Next Generation Smartphones
mPhone - Next Generation Smartphones